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 Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council, Sheikh Hani bin Brik sent an important messages the the people of the North to the effect that the South had clearly declared its project; the restoration of the South, disengagement and establishment of two neighboring and reconciled states, adding we wish the North all the best as we do for ourselves, they are our brothers and we share common interests. We do not wish to see a failed state in the North, cause it is not in our interest nor in theirs and it is not in the interest of the region and international community.

During an interview with France 24,  Sheikh Hani said we seek to establish two successful states reconciled with to one another. The northerners' properties in the South must be preserves as all the interests of the two peoples and this is incontestable. The scarecrow made by some opponents of the southern project that the northerners' properties in the South will be violated along with the mass influx of northerners into Saudi Arabia after their departure from the South, are all baseless allegations.

Sheikh Hani made it clear that the North as a people is not a burden, we are a state that engaged in unity project and the project failed, adding that problem of Houthi does not exist in the South, It is a problem in the North, Houthi is a new Iranian project even in the North, Zaidism is different from Houthi that claims to be Zaidi, this is the truth. Hence the Arab Coalition is keen on the return of the people in the North to normal.

He confirmed that he is very optimistic cause they found the solid ground to restore the right to its people and of the understanding showed by major forces in the North of the reality, noting that the gangs that are in their interest, the continuation of that unity, had gone and the alliance that based on Muslim Brotherhood and influential people in the North had weakened. The only thing left is to depend on honest patriots in Yemen and the South.

Sheikh Hani said that Yemen as a republic is unified as announcement, but on the ground it's different. Since the 1994 war, The Southerners consider what happened as an occupation, it is a full-fledged occupation, the separation was declared in 1994, but the South was invaded by a barbaric military invasion, so occupation is the only real description of reality in the South since 1994, all violations and breaches that occurred after 1994 are results of that occupation.