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Thu - 15 Aug 2019 - 08:26 PM ،،،

 A statement issued by the organizers of Thursday’s stability, empowerment rally
Under the motto "Victory for the will of the people of the South."
The statement went as follows:
Today we gather here in Aden, the capital of the South in the Freedom square to expresses  our loyalty, defiance and determination to resist all kinds of injustice, oppression and tyranny.

We stand here to celebrate the victory the South and its national will which is to regain its independent full sovereign state with its internationally recognized borders before May 21st 1990.
The capital Aden recently witnesses several incidents resulted from the mentality of the rulers of Sanaa's’ regime and its Houthi terrorist forces in addition to the legitimate government’s failure to function.
Since the liberation of the capital Aden four years ago, the legitimacy and its government hindered all efforts to normalize life conditions whether in public services, security or the economic standard of living despite the support which the Arab coalition has provided.
Therefore we declare from this podium that we fully support the actions of the Southern Resistance that protected the people and established security and stability in the capital Aden as a necessary measure to cleanse Aden of terrorism and extremist elements.
We appeal to Aidros Qassem Al Zubaidi, president of the Southern Transitional Council and the leader of the Southern Resistance, who is popularly authorized by the historic declaration of Aden on May 4th 2017, to undertake the historic responsibilities that the people have delegated to him within the framework of the South until our independent state is restored.
We call on the international community and the Arab coalition countries to hand over the southern administration to its sole representative, the Southern Transitional Council, to manage the affairs of the South.
We call on the international community and the Arab coalition countries led by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates to respect the will of the people of the South, who are the main partners in the Arab coalition in confronting the Persian expansion in the region and the fight against terrorism.
We welcome and appreciate the responsible call of Saudi Arabia for dialogue between the Southern Transitional Council and the legitimacy. It is an act that we respect and appreciate.
We call on all our people to preserve the achievements of our Southern Resistance and to promote the spirit and values of civil peaceful coexistence, security and peace.
We call on our Southern Resistance heroes to continue to cleanse the rest of the South from terrorism and occupation in Beihan, Wadi Hadramaut, Mekras and wherever it exists in our beloved South.
May God Pay Mercy on the souls of our martyrs, we wish a speedy recovery for our war wounded.

Issued by civil society organizations, public unions and professional associations
Aden - 15 August 2019