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Thu - 15 Aug 2019 - 01:23 AM ،،،

 The President of the Southern Transitional Council, Supreme Commander of the Southern Forces, Maj. Gen. Aidroos Qassem Al-Zubaidi, accompanied with Aden's security chief, Maj. Gen. Shalal Ali Shai'a, visited on Wednesday night, the Freedom Square in the capital Aden.

Al-Zubaidi warmly greeted the crowds who came from all over the South to celebrate the victory of Aden over the forces of terrorism and to display their solidarity with the STC leadership in a mass rally on Thursday.

Thousands of crowds flocked into Aden on Wednesday afternoon to join the masses to celebrate the victory of Aden. The crowds' processions came from most of the southern liberated governorates arrived at Sahat al Huria (Freedom Square) in Khormaksar- Aden to participate and be part of the great historic event.