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Wed - 14 Aug 2019 - 05:00 PM ،،،

 A control arms campaign was launched in Aden on Wednesday, led by the Director of Aden security, Major General Shalal Ali Shai'a, in order to consolidate security and stability.

Aden police chief Maj. Gen. Shalal Ali Shae led on Wednesday morning one of the major security campaigns which aim to implement law and order in capital Aden.
The campaign focused on disarming and preventing the public from carrying selling and buying weapons.
The security campaign aimed to arrest outlaws and illegal dealers as well as armed persons in the vicinity of Dar Saad, Sheikh Othman and other nearby directorates.

The campaign witnessed a positive response from the people in the city and its surrounding districts. Social media was inundated with messages of encouragement which praise the security forces and said that it is a long-waited decision that the people are waiting for fo it to implemented at last.