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Explosives found in Dar Saad-Aden

Mon - 12 Aug 2019 - 09:15 PM ،،،

 Southern military engineer teams were able to dismantle explosive devices found next to a busy traffic road in front of a petrol station in Dar Saad-Aden.

The explosives were dismantled following the latest events in the capital.

 A military operation team said that engineer teams continue field surveys to inspect areas where the military confrontations took place in the past days.

The source confirmed that the teams will complete their field inspections during the Holy days of Eid al-Adha to remove all remnants of the war which include explosives, projectiles, explosive devices and others.

The field inspections are carried out and in coordination with Aden and Lahj governorates’  security department as well as competent security agencies.

Haitham Halbub head of the military specialized engineer teams was tasked to remove, destruct and dismantle explosive devices and mines in the liberated governorates since the victory of Aden in 2015.