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Sheikh Hani Ben Berek, Vice President of STC

Mon - 12 Aug 2019 - 08:11 PM ،،،

 Sheikh Hani Ben Berek vice president of the Southern Transitional Council pledged to persecute the southern forces who looted the private homes of the public or high profile personalities during the latest events in Aden

Sheikh Ben Berek said in a tweet on his Twitter account on Monday: "I swear to God that all those proved to be from the southern forces, who committed any kind of theft will be publicly penalised ".

He added: "Every Southerner who is included in the amnesty and general protection, which President Aidros Al Zubaidi announced today, will be protected even if Ahmed Al-Mesari and Saleh al-Jabwani decided to return to their homeland we will protect them personally”.