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 The French newspaper Le Figaro conducted on Tuesday an interview with the Secretary-General of the Southern Transitional Council, Mr. Ahmed Hamid Lamlas, dealing with a number of topics related to the security, political, and service aspects of the capital Aden and the liberated areas, in addition to the role played by the Transitional Council in the UN-sponsored talks and negotiations.

 In response to a question from the French journalist, regarding what remains to the legitimate government on public service and security, the Secretary-General made it clear that the southern security apparatuses, especially, the Security Belts and the Elites, impose their presence on the ground and exert a key role in stabilizing security and combating terrorism.

 Regarding the public services aspects, Mr Lamlas said that the government failed to deal with the public services dossier in spite of having all the resources to do so. He pointed out that the Transitional Council has not imposed its authority so far, despite the popular pressure demanding it to do it due to the bad situation that the country is going through, which is not a secret.

 The STC Secretary-General added that without the intervention of the KSA and the UAE  at the last minutes, last January, the government would have been summoned to appear today before the international courts for what it did against the people of the South.

 The STC Secretary-General also touched on the role and position of the Southern Transition Council in the UN-sponsored negotiations, affirming that there is  nothing to be added to the briefing presented to the UN Security Council by the Special Envoy Martin Griffiths, in which he stressed that there will be no peace in Yemen if we do not also listen to the voice of the South, the voice of the South is in complete unanimity on independence, disengagement and restoration of their fully-fledged sovereign State.