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Wed - 24 Oct 2018 - 08:18 PM ،،،


  Project Masam, demining in Yemen, carried out the destruction of large quantities of landmines and explosive devices on Thursday in the Usaylan District of the Shabwah Governorate, in addition to a number of unexploded ordnance and shells that were removed by the project’s engineering teams in Usaylan during the last period.

Mr. Ousama Algosaibi, Director General of Project Masam stated that approximately 450 landmines of various types were destroyed.

Algosaibi assured that the destruction was carried out as a complement to the demining operations carried out by Masam’s teams in the Usaylan Directorate.

Algosaibi added that the goal of the project is to provide a better life, security, and safety for Yemen’s men, women, and children.

He also assured that the Saudi Project for Demining in Yemen “Masam” aims to serve the Yemeni people, stating that project teams will continue to work with all their energy and ability.