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Wed - 07 Aug 2019 - 11:10 PM ،،،

 The Presidency of the Southern Transitional Council held an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday evening, chaired by Mr Hani Ben Berek, Vice-President of the Council, the meeting issued the following statement:
Under the delicate circumstances that our people are going through, which has reached a stage that cannot be tolerated  and because of the government’s lack of responsibility towards our people with its corruption deeply rooted in all aspects of governance.

And in response to the catastrophic events which happened on Thursday with the martyrdom of Amin Yafee (Abu Al Yamama) and his companions and this evenings events which calimed the life of more victims, the Southern Transitional Council, which was delegated by the people of the South, and after the Council exhausted all means to work with the government to claim its responsibility towards the people the STC issues a statement to the public, It goes as follows:
First: The STC calls all the southern people to rally and unite to overthrow the terrorist led and corrupt government. We have to over-through the rule of the Islah terrorist Party and preserve the legitimacy of President Hadi.
Second: The Council emphasizes its continuous partnership with the Arab coalition countries led by the KSA to fight and stop the Persian Houthi expansion in the region and fight against terrorism.

Third: The Council invites the leaders, officers and members of the southern military and security units to support the people of the south.

Fourth: The STC called on the governors, directors of security and government departments and services in all the southern liberated governorates of the south to perform their administrative and service duties effectively and to confront corruption in all its shapes and forms.

Fifth: The Council confirms that it will protect lives, property and all the rights of its brothers from the North who are in the south in a way that it does not threaten the security and stability of the South.

Sixth: The Council affirms that the South is for all and invites all people in these delicate circumstances for more cohesion and solidarity and not to allow the enemy to interfere in its affairs.