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Tue - 06 Aug 2019 - 09:16 PM ،،،

 The organizers of the southern mass rally which is standing in Khormaksar -Exhibition Square (liberation Square) issued a fiery statement, it goes as follows:

It has been five years since the war started and it continues to engulf the people their land and identity.

Although Sanaa still claims that it is at war with the enemy, in fact, it is leading a war against the south since 1994 till the present.

While the southern people including its components the military and political believed in fighting with its allies against the Houthis to re-instate the Yemeni government, the people realize that the only fact is that the government is at war with its people.

Part of this barbaric and brutal war is targeting the southern leaders and heroes. The latest attack targeted Munir Al Yafee (Abu Al Yamama) him and his companions were victims of coward actions as well as those who lost their lives in the Sheikh Othman police explosion which went off at the same time.

Investigations proved that both attacks were the make of the terrorist militias in coordination with the Muslim brotherhood (Islah Party) pockets, who are supported by the government and are allowed to operate freely in the south.

Therefore the people of the south declare here from this square that they will no longer tolerate those heinous acts and announce the following :

First: The government must leave the capital Aden and all the cities of the south immediately.

Second: President Abedulrabbo  Mansour Hadi and the brothers in the Arab coalition to transfer all powers to the southern territory peacefully and hand it to the peoples legal representative; the Southern Transitional Council.

Third: To evacuate all the northern military units that are stationed in the south and transferee them to the battlefronts in the war against the Houthis in the north.

Forth: To implement the Tripartite Commission Agreement which was agreed between President Hadi the Arab coalition and the Security Belt Forces, which states to remove all camps from the capital Aden except the Support Security Forces to protect the security and stability of the city.

Fifth: To call on all southern officials and political figures, civil, military and diplomatic leaders working for the current government to side with the southern people.

Sixth: The people of the South are the source of all authority and legitimacy; they have the right to regain their sovereignty, gain their independence and to rebuild their independent federal national state on its entire national territory with its internationally recognized borders pre-May 21st 1990.
Seventh: The southern masses who are rallying here today, confirm their adherence to the historic Declaration of Aden, its full support for the Southern Transitional Council as the political representative of the people of the south.

Eighth: The assembled masses affirm their full support of the Arab coalition, to preserve the security and stability of the South, the region, and the world.

Ninth: The people of the south reject extremism and terrorism in all its forms and types, and affirm that terrorism is the enemy of life. It has no religion and no homeland, fighting it is a religious, moral and national duty.

Tenth: The assembled masses her tonight note that the murders, genocide, terrorism, physical abuse and killing, which have been practiced by the northern forces against our people since 1990, will not fall by the statute of limitations. The masses confirm that they will escalate their protests until all their demands are achieved and warn against any absurd attempt to provoke them.

Issued by the masses gathered at the event of the popular rally to fight for victory.

From the capital Aden-Khormaksar

6th August 2019