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Tue - 06 Aug 2019 - 12:22 PM ،،،

The Parade Square in Khormaksar–Aden is holding a mass rally calling on the legitimate government to step down.

The peaceful mass rally, which began on Monday and will carry on, is part of the escalation against the legitimate government’s negative response and complacency towards the latest events in the city including the terrorist acts, where scores of innocent people were killed.

The crowds, who flocked into the capital on Monday evening, said that they responded to the calls of the tribes of Yafea, Shabwa and Radfan to join the masses until the situation in Aden is resolved.

The demonstrators announced thaAt they will remain in the square until the government responds to their demands which are; that the government to resign and take necessary actions to secure and protect Aden from terrorism and sleeper cells.

The masses are also calling the government to deliver a security plan under the supervision of the Security Belt Forces.

The southern leaders directed the public to join the campaign and unite in the square until the situation is resolved and put an end to the Houthi and the Islamic State terrorist acts which claimed the lives of many soldiers as well as members of the public.

The demonstrators call on all the people of the South to adhere to the principle of reconciliation and tolerance and focus on the main goal -The Independence of the South.