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Thu - 11 Oct 2018 - 08:06 PM ،،،

 The governor of Hadramout and commander of the Second Military Region, Major General Faraj Salmeen Al-Bahssani held a press conference in al-Mukalla this morning revealed the results of investigations with the terrorist cell which was arrested red-handed on Tuesday 11/9/2018 in al-Dis area in al-Mukalla while delivering explosive devices.

Al-Bahssani told the press that the security and Hadrami Elite Forces tracked down the movements of the terrorist cell and caught them in possession of explosive devices in al-Dis area as other group was arrested in an abandoned house close to the cemetery with improvised explosive devices (IEDs) used for hand-placed or/and vehicle bombs in addition to detonators, mobile phones and a light gun.

Al-Bahssani said that the members of the cell met with the commanders of al-Qaeda organization in Wadi Hadramout and learned from them how to use and plant explosive devices, then they moved to al-Mukalla city after hiding the bombs and IEDs inside small-sized paint barrels and boxes of food staff and house appliances and they received more bombs and IEDs from the Wadi Hadramout-based terrorist organization.

Al-Bahssani confirmed that the members of the terrorist cell admitted to working with al-Qaeda and confessed to security that they carried out the most recent significant terrorist attacks.

The terrorist cell also revealed that they recruited some persons for monitoring some targets such as the movement of military commanders and receiving remittances through money exchange centers from the organization's members in Wadi Hadramout, adding that they played a major role in communicating the organization's members with each other by using social networking sites as whatsapp, Facebook, and Twitter or by using their cars and motorcycles.

The terrorist cell admitted to fighting in the ranks of al-Qaeda organization against the Hadrami Elite Forces during the first and second counter terrorism campaigns in the city.

Al-Bahssani said that intelligence, security and military apparatuses hunt down senior terrorist commander and members who supported and assigned the cell to destabilize security in the cities of al-Mukalla, Al Shehr and Ghail Bawazeer.

Al-Bahssani pointed out that there is no truth to rumors about the involvement of members of the Hadrami Elite Forces in that terrorist cell adding that a number of security plans have been made to end the security chaos and completely eradicate terrorism in Wadi Hadramout, but firstly they need the approval of the state leadership and the Coalition.