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Sun - 04 Aug 2019 - 10:46 AM ،،،

 Vice President of the Southern Transitional Council Sheikh Hani Ben Berek and members of STC consoled the family of the late Martyr Munir Al Yafei (Abu Alyamama).

Hani ben Berek and the STCs' presidency members Ahmad H. Lamlas General Secretary and Abdulrahman Sheik, conveyed to the martyr’s family their sorrow for its great loss.

During the visit late last night, they discussed the necessary arrangements for the martyr's funeral and the council expressed its will to prepare for a high-level funeral ceremony for Martyr Munir and his companions.

On its part, the Al-Yafei family confirmed that the martyr was the son of the South and that his martyrdom was not sudden, it was expected.

The family added that their son always felt that he will be a martyr one day, that was imminent because all the martyrs of the south moved towards gaining the liberation of the south.