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Sat - 03 Aug 2019 - 10:59 PM ،،،

The vice president of the Southern Transitional Council Sheikh Hani Ben Berek has put an end to the hot debate and disruption in the capital.

Last night  Aden has witnessed disruption and tensions concerning the unruly numbers of the displaced persons from the north.

In a tweet on his account, Ben Berek said, “ We hope that the people from the north do not resort to the South, especially Aden. Sleeper terrorist cells trigger terrorist attacks and facilitated for the Muslim Brotherhood and al-Qaeda terrorist operations. They collude with the Houthis by transferring the movements to target the southern leaders and the Arab coalition.

He called on those who are currently in the capital to carry IDs and proof of their place of residence.

Ben Berek revealed that some northerners celebrated in Aden and distributed drinks in some restaurants celebrating the tragic events which happened in Aden.

Sheikh Hani pointed out that as a result of the actions of those northerners, the disappointed public moved to close the restaurants and deport those who do not carry any proof of identity. The public has also seized weapons in some of those locations.

"When it comes to the security of the South, all the people of the South will act as a security belt and all its men will act as a security force”.