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Sat - 03 Aug 2019 - 06:58 PM ،،،

 Vice president of the Southern Transitional Council, Hani ben Brik said that the results of the investigations carried out by the special commission of inquiry into the tragic events of Thursday that targeted the al-Galaa camp in al-Breiqa district in Aden, killing and injuring scores of soldiers, including Commander of the First Sustainment Brigade, Brigadier General Munir Mahmoud Al Yafaei (Abu-Al Yamamah), will be revealed with all the details at a press conference.

Sheikh Hani wrote on his Twitter account that "the commission of inquiry continues to undertake its tasks in gathering and analyzing all the available intelligence information with the help of our experts in missile technology and air defense programs."

"The South is the home of revolutionaries that can never bow down to Muslim Brotherhood within the legitimacy." Sheikh Hani said, adding that "the revolutionaries who snatched independence from Britain, their grandchildren will do the same with the (dogs) of Muslim Brotherhood and they will never have a foothold for their terror in the South."

Sheikh Hani concluded his tweet by saying that "any Southerner provides support for the Muslim Brotherhood is a traitor."

For his part, member of the STC Presidency, Lutfi Shatara confirmed that "there can be no tolerance for murderers and there is no leniency will be given to those who harm the security and stability of the South."