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Sat - 03 Aug 2019 - 02:47 PM ،،،

 The Al Jaber Tribes' Youth Council in Hadramaut governorate escalates its actions to put pressure on the government.
In a statement which was issued yesterday The youth’s council said: " The government did not understand the peaceful language of the Hadhrami people when they demanded their legitimate rights !”.

The youth council accused the government of not paying attention to the people. The government assumed that the peoples’ silence was because they accepted what was happening and that they were fooled when they were denied their rights, the statement said.

According to ‘AlAyyam Daily Newspaper’, the youth were angry because they were marginalised and did not benefit from their governorates resources.

The statement included stern threats to the government by settling pressure on the oil companies and sectors located in Hadhramout.

"If the government continues to dismiss the peoples’ calls we will intensify the situation and will suspend any export of ‘Hadhramout’s oil' the announcement said.

The Al Jaber Youth Council warned the legitimate government upon carrying any foolish acts against the people, who have rights described as "legal and legitimate rights".

The Al Jaber Youth Council proffered a list of demands to the government which included ; provide fuel for electricity services in Al Sahel and the Wadi around the clock , end Al Hutheily and other blacklisted logistics companies from operating in the governorate and give chances for the local companies to operate, to monitor any tenders of oil companies or projects and verify their integrity through a special committee.

The Al Jaber Youth Councils also demanded that an international neutral organization has to investigate the catastrophic environmental pollution caused by the many exploration companies in the governorate. They also required that the government should allocate 5% of the governorates’ income for sustainable development especially in the oil-producing areas.

The statement called on the people of Hadhramout to support the Al Jaber Youth Council in fighting for their rights …The statement thanked Petro Masila for its’ contribution in Hadramout, particularly in the field of energy and gas project, which played a major role in filling part of the gap in the electricity services in the valley, indicating that this economic association must be preserved.