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Fri - 02 Aug 2019 - 09:52 PM ،،،

 The  Yemeni  President  Abdulrabo M. Hadi called on the people to refrain from breaking the law and stop any violent acts which may cause chaos in Aden or the neighbouring governorates.

In a phone call to the deputy prime minister minister of interior Ahmad Almaysari and governor of Aden Ahmad Salmeen, the president called on them to stand firmly against any acts which may disturb peace and security in the capital Aden or the neighbouring governorates.

In his phone call, the president pointed to the sacrifices which the people of Aden, Lahj, Abyan and Al Dalea offered to secure peace and normalize daily life as best as they can.

The President stressed the importance of achieving security and stability and rejected individual actions towards the people from any governorate. He said that any unlawful acts will bear consequences and repercussions which will only benefit the Houthi militias.

President  Hadi directed the local authorities and security agencies in Aden, Lahj and Al Dalea governorates to stop any illegal practices against citizens and private property.
 He rejected the wrong practices carried out by some outlaws following the terrorist attacks in Aden yesterday.

 The Yemeni President stressed in his directives on unifying efforts and possibilities to keep pace with reality, fight against the conspirators, restore the state and liberate the rest of the homeland.

Hadi held the governors and the leaders of the security services in the various liberated areas the responsibility for any failure to implement his directives and placed on them full accountability for protecting the public, their property and to stop any violations and practices in that context.

The president’s call came as a response to several reports claiming several attacks on the properties of citizens from the North who are residing in some southern liberated governorates.