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Thu - 01 Aug 2019 - 06:24 PM ،،،

 The Southern Transitional Council issued an important statement regarding the terrorist attacks that targeted Sheikh Othman Police station and one of the training camps of the southern armed forces.

 Vice President of the STC  Sheikh Hani Ben Brik issued the statement that started with verses from the Holy Quran.

The statement is as follows :

“This day the First of August 2019, the capital Aden, was subjected to two treacherous bomb attacks; the first was on the Police station in Sheikh Othman district and the second was at a graduation ceremony at the training camps of the  Armed Forces. Our soldiers were preparing to celebrate their graduation at the Support Forces Campus.

Those graduates who were at the graduation ceremony were ready to fight side by side with the Arab Coalition against the Iranian backed Houthi militias.

In this traitorous attack, a number of the noblest, most honoured and bravest men, led by Brigadier General Munir Mahmoud Ahmed (Abu Al-Yamamah) from our security and armed forces, lost their lives.

Many of those brave men were martyred while defending the dignity and independence of their people and homeland.

Dear brave fighters everywhere, your leadership in the Southern Transitional Council in Aden assures you that it stands by you and will do everything it can to maintain the security and integrity of the country.

The leadership also confirms that it is following closely the circumstances of the incident to find out who is behind this cowardly act.

We appreciate the unsettled situation and feeling of panic and sorrow which the public is going through due to the magnitude of the loss that we have suffered today. This only gives us a reason and empowers us with strength, determination as well as the fortitude to stand firm and take revenge for our heroes.

At these times, the STC’s leadership is studying the situation calmly and wisely, which is needed in this difficult situation and calls on you to exercise restraint, composure and patience.

We pray Glory to the martyrs and we wish a speedy recovery for all those who were wounded.”

A statement issued by the Southern Transitional Council
On the 1st August 2019
29th Thu -al-Adha 1440 Higria