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Thu - 01 Aug 2019 - 01:35 AM ،،،


 The Yemeni army revealed that Houthi militias have liquidated 10 of their prominent collaborators, including military officials, in a number of provinces falling under their control.

Their crimes were committed in light of Houthi differences on the division of power and the distribution of looted funds seized through tax collection and robbery of shops and businesses.

Growing disputes among field commanders have grown, reaching the point of threats under the force of arms against collaborators with the militias in the northern provinces.

The army’s intelligence service expected the situation to worsen in the coming days over fighters’ dwindling numbers and the scarcity of financial resources allocated for sending militants of different ages to front lines.

The militias have resorted to recruiting child soldiers, with more than 500 children present on a number of fronts in the west coast.

They also brought about 100 children to the port city of Hodeidah after training them in camps dubbed “summer centers.”