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Tue - 09 Jul 2019 - 02:57 AM ،،،

 Advisor to the President of the Republic, Abdulaziz al-Muflehi criticized the tendentious media campaigns against the United Arab Emirates, indicating that they are totally in line with the Houthi's speech.

In a press statement, al-Muflehi said that the UAE played a pivotal role and took the responsibility after the liberation of Aden and the southern regions, at the time when there was a vacuum, the authorities were absent to fill it and showed no concern for the restoration of the security, intelligence services and state institutions.

He explained that the UAE devoted considerable attention to all security and military aspects along with providing relief assistance, through the rehabilitation of hospitals, schools and roads among others, expressing his gratitude to the efforts of the UAE government, in particular filling the vacuum created by the absence of the state.

Al-Muflehi said that the UAE must be highly praised for being in the right place at the right time, actually, without its intervention at that crucial moment, Aden would be one of al-Qaeda or ISIS emirates, adding that thanks to Allah then to the UAE's effective role and decisive decision, Aden had been cleansed of terrorist groups.

He made it clear that the tendentious media campaigns against the United Arab Emirates by some forces are clearly meant to harbour animosity toward not only the UAE, but also toward the Arab Coalition led by Saudi Arabia and the UAE.

The media attack that targets the UAE and work hard to deform its reputation and underestimate its role, is totally in line with the Houthi's speech, accordingly, all the voices that offend the UAE, in effect, they offend both the Arab Coalition and the legitimacy.