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Mon - 08 Jul 2019 - 01:27 AM ،،،

 For two decades, the Southerners commemorate the 7th of July as a painful and tragic anniversary in which they lost their homeland that was invaded by northern forces to impose on them the (unity) that had been voluntarily approved by the South on 22 May 1990, but after four years of deceit and treachery the South declared its termination.

The 7th of July of 1994 represents a black day in the history of the free people of the South. The two and a half decades could not erase the images of that fateful day that the northern invaders continued killing and looting in Aden and all over the South.

After the great victory of the proud people over the Iran-backed Houthi militia and Ali Saleh's forces in 2015, the 7th of July alliance carried out attempts, taking new forms and using different names, to re-formulate that day. But this can be hard to achieve as the people are ready for them and have foiled all their deceitful attempts that meant to restore the past that had been ended by the blood of thousands of southern martyrs and wounded.

The people of the South mark this anniversary today without remembering its tragedies as they witness the collapse of the 7th of July alliance that had been acting arrogantly in the past, controlling over the entire capabilities of the South and bragging about the military machine which was destroyed by the will and determination of the Southerners.

The tragic anniversary of the past turned into victory today in the light of the successes achieved by the Southern Transitional Council and its firm and confident moves made at home and abroad with a view to restoring the looted state and starting a new era titled Civil Future for insuring stability and real human development.