Aizi Shureim Yemeni Minster of Water & Environment

Fri - 05 Jul 2019 - 09:51 PM ،،،

 D. Aizi Shureim Yemeni  Minster of Water & Environment , Minister of Water and Environment of the current Yemeni government revealed shocking information about the situation of the Government and the legal system in general. He accused some officials of conspiring against President Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi.

"There is a misunderstanding of the powers and responsibilities of some ministers and high-rank officials in the legitimate government."He warned that such infringements of power will not obstruct his work at the ministry. This came in a televised interview on Qadhayana- Al Ghad Al-Mushreq TV on Wednesday evening.

The minister ridiculed the number of government ministers who attended the official meetings in Aden, saying that they did not attend because they cannot offer anything. He explained that nothing was achieved in the '100 days limit' which the government gave itself. He said that the failures were because of serious levels of corruption.

He presented examples of government failures, including the continued electricity power problem in Aden despite huge sums of money spent to solve the problem.

Dr. Shureim revealed that President Hadi has been the subject of plots which started from when he was in Sanaa to the present day, he stressed that the exceptional conditions that Yemen is undergoing requires exceptional leaders.

On the water situation in Yemen, Minister Shureim said that the figures drawn by the international organizations on the water situation were inaccurate. He listed a number of crimes the Houthis committed he explained that they deliberately contaminated water sources, mobile tanks, and tampered with the (Hays Water Project )in Hodeidah and dumped waste into the wells.

As for the difficulties he faced as a minister in the water sector, he said that it was due to the lack of resources and lack of acquaintance on behalf of the government officials. He said that the Ministry of Water and Environment was working with a budget of not more than $1,500 per month. He said that it came to the point when the government premises of the ministry itself did not have running water. a situation which provoked a wave of sarcasm among citizens.