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Fri - 21 Jun 2019 - 07:32 PM ،،،

 The former United States Ambassador to Yemen, Gerald Michael Feierstein said that many Yemeni military units exist only in lists and not on the ground, their salaries go to senior commanders within the legitimacy that rejects the implementation of mobile banking system.

"Some people run check points and charge everyone come to them, the Houthis make as much as 30 million dollars a month from Hodeidah port." Feierstein said, adding that "some people are doing very well in Yemen's war economy, so they don't want to see an end to the conflict."

The US diplomat made it clear that the organized corruption not only prolong the war in Yemen, but it also has  serious negative repercussions for the economy and cause a fall in the value of a currency which impact all the social categories in the country.

Regarding officials within the government linked to the outlawed Muslim Brotherhood, in particular Abdul Majeed al-Zindani, the former US Ambassador to Yemen said that the American Administration considers al-Zindani a facilitator of terrorism and he is involved in several terrorist operations and he must be brought to justice and punished.