Fri - 01 Jun 2018 - 02:00 AM

written by : Thabit Hussein Saleh Writer Archive -

Southern political and military analyst, Thabet Hussein Saleh said that there is no disagreement among the Southerners with the President of the Republic of Yemen Abdurbo Mansour Hadi and the Arab Coalition over two points. The first, forcing Houthis and their allies to fully implement the resolutions of the United Nations Security Council, regarding the Yemeni crisis.

The second point, there is no disagreement on the return of President Hadi to Sanaa as legitimate President of the Republic of Yemen.

Thabet Hussein made it clear in a post on his Facebook page that the main sticking points the Southerners have with President Hadi is that he insists that the six provinces is the only solution to the issue of the South, while the Southerners or most of them do not see it as a solution but rather as shredding, complicating, procrastinating and perhaps a continuation of future wars.

He pointed out that the second point of disagreement is related to the policies and methods of Ahmed bin Dagher's government and its failed and corrupt tools in dealing with the South.