Wed - 27 Jan 2021 - 02:55 PM

written by : Noor A. AlNaboud Writer Archive -

Now after the Houthi Militia were classified as terrorist outfit by the international community, the question that arose in my mind was, is there still anybody who can justify their actions as something else other than terrorism?

Terrorist acts can never be justified, but despite the militia being branded as terrorists, I’m not sure if they will reform or will continue to do damage in this world.

In fact, Saudi Arabia’s stand on Houthis has been steadfast for many years, with the Kingdom unerringly casting the militia as representing the terrorism movement in the area.

Let’s keep in mind that we were targeted repeatedly by the Houthis and had to face enormous consequences more than any other country. Sadly, it took such a long time for the international community to recognize their attack on us as terrorism.

Amid all this, the concern remains at the high cost of these attacks, with loss of property and innocent lives. And, in addition will this new branding make us safe from Houthi terrorist activity or still we need to keep our guard up.

As I see it, Saudi Arabia has been on a war alert for possible terrorist actions or surprise attack anytime. And we need to ramp up our alert level as the militia, cornered by the international community, could still lash out.

The activities of Houthis have no morals, as they have been killing innocent people without mercy or regret.

I can’t be certain if the Houthi actions will stop, despite condemnation from the international community, because all the signs say that their creed is still violence as the recent Riyadh incident shows.

The US, UK and UAE showed their solidarity with the Kingdom, following the Riyadh attack, by calling out the Houthis and their terrorists actions.

Saudi Arabia appreciated the international community for the clear message while once again reiterating the truth of Houthi being a terror organization, and luckily, there is a unified vision about them now at a global level.

All I can say is that the world will be a better place without them, and am praying for peace for those children and families that were attacked and harmed by Houthis.


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Published by the English-language daily newspaper Saudi Gazette on Wednesday January 27, 2021. The views expressed in this article represent the author alone.