Thu - 31 May 2018 - 03:21 AM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

The war which is raged upon us by a certain number of writers, who do not live in the south, against the Arab coalition and the Southern Transitional Council as well as the Military and security commanders, is more vile than the Houthi militias war and their violent inhumane crimes against the people of the south before its liberation.

Don’t you think that it is despicable to describe those, who have sacrificed their sons who fought along side by side with our sons for our freedom, as occupiers!

Isn’t it degrading for those writers to insight others to step on the UAE flag and to step on the images of the coalition leaders .
Isn’t it degrading to deny that the UAE carried our resistance troops and their flags on all its tankers and military arms when the south was first liberated . An expression of joy and pride with a sense of victory over those who have killed us in the name of unity for 25 years in Aden and the rest of the southern cities.
Isn’t it sheer nastiness to hail those who are insulting the crown prince of Abu Dhabi Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed,

Sheikh Mohamed Bin Zayed was, from the start , clear in supporting the South and the southern resistance leaders , he showed care and followed the treatment of those who were wounded and payed personal attention to the families of martyrs who were at war against the Iranians and their cronies.

Is it to such a low level that some may go, to incite for hatred, specially those who are abroad in the name of freedom of speech or freedom of opinion and to continue to offend our allies who fought and still are fighting by our side under the slogan ,‘ A Democratic Right!’ .

Has it reached to this degree of hate to spread regionalism among the people of the South, who, have scarified their lives for a free South, and to abuse leaders like Al Zubaidi , Shalal and Alhaddi God bless his soul and to imply that he was stealing the military police soldiers ' salaries.

Alhaddi , a commander who founded this power after the war from scratch at a time when facilities were non-existent.
Is it to this extent that some can trade their conscience for political money to convince us that the allay became a demon.
To try to convince us that we should stick with the Devils against our allies, whom in common with them we shared blood courage and the Arab dignity and pride .

We need to stand up to all rogues who are trying to disperse us as we approach the military victory over the coup conspirators and as we approach the faze of political status which our people of the south have been waiting for since 94 war until today.
We need to realize that there is a political vendetta, unfortunately by our southern brothers , trying to send us back into the cradle of the North. A vendetta which started by denouncing our allies and our sacrifices and our right to determine our own political future. It got to the point to tear our unity by using Qatar and the Islah (Muslim Brotherhood).

We need to sober up because those dwarfs have gone too far and considered our silence a weakness and used regionalism as a means to blackmail us.

We need to realize that no governorate is greater than the South and that no one is greater than the people of the south .

We need to sober up and stand as one man in front of those dwarfs both with their poisonous writings and discredited policies and to tell them that our southern people have a right to regain their south which they have sacrifices their lives for .
We need to let them know that our allies and their sacrifices along with ours side by side are a line no one will ever dare to cross.
May God save our South and its patient people .