Sun - 27 May 2018 - 02:55 AM

written by : Thabit Hussein Saleh Writer Archive -

The political and military analyst, General Thabit Hussein Saleh affirmed that the solution to the issue of the south lies in the restoration of the two states and not in the Government posts.

The reaction of General Thabit Hussein is meant to reply to growing talk and whispers from the brothers in the North of southern seizure of the government.

General Thabit Hussein put questions along with realistic answers; Where is this government and its influence and what is its role??? he enquired, adding that the whole North, with the exception of Marib city and its surroundings, is under the Houthi control, while the South is under the administration of the southern governors, backed by the Southern Transitional Council and the Arab Coalition. He made it clear that Ahmed Obeid bin Dagher's government can not return to Sana'a or even to Mareb which monopolized by Islah party represented in the person of Sheikh Sultan al-Arada.

Regarding the governorate of Taiz, General Thabit Hussein said it is a battlefield and a place for reckoning among Islah members, jihadists, Nasserites, etc.

He said that the government had tried once to work in Aden but it failed and found itself "popularly" unacceptable, and worst of all, it wanted to replace the governor without taking effective action for the people in Aden, on the contrary, it increased their suffering. The government actually has only two ministries work abroad by virtue of their status as Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Human Rights.

General Thabit Hussein also put a question about the identity of the southerners who held seats in the government in the name of the South, replying that 90% or more of them represent the Islah, a Muslim Brotherhood-linked political party in Yemen, the General People's Congress, created by Saleh during his 33-year rule and other Yemeni parties and they are classified as "in favour of the unity", their loyalty to their parties in the first place and most of them have no links to the South and its people.

General Thabit Hussein said the senior position is just a showcase, the real actors are the employees who still doing their jobs since decades, beside that, there's family and hereditary employment, so stop talking about these positions that some are crowding around only for showing themselves up and for financial privileges.