Sat - 12 May 2018 - 12:19 PM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

What does it mean that Khaled Abdul Nabi, the mastermind of the attack on the U.S. Navy destroyer USS, the most famous person accused of terrorism in Yemen, voluntarily surrenders himself to a security force in the region of Yafa'.

For me, arresting the world's most wanted terrorist means the following:

- The South is no longer a safe haven for terrorism and terrorists.

- The United Arab Emirates, in cooperation with the United States of America, are working hard in the field of combating terrorism on the ground without being affected by the disturbance caused by some parties affiliated with the legitimacy.

- training and arming of a southern force with high efficiency by the Emirati brothers has brought tangible results on the ground.

- Others and I feel that security is before safety and what the coalition spends to eliminate the South of terrorism and to hunt down the fugitive heads is the beginning of a large-scale project awaiting the South after being cleared of the disease of terrorism and terrorists who have spent years implementing the agenda of the North's politicians to stigmatize the South with terrorism, unfortunately, by southern hands.

Thank you Arab Coalition.. thank you United Arab Emirates for what you do to help us in the South, thank you our young people in the counter terrorism forces, the security belt forces and the security apparatus, thank you our young people in the burning fronts and those who chase the terrorists to their dens, you are not mercenaries hired for a few Rials as some described you, on the contrary, the history will attest you are the only one that our sons will take off their hats for the valor and success you made for a brighter and safer future for you and for us.

The fall of Khaled Abdul Nabi in the hands of security forces is not a fleeting event but it is something that the terror sponsors of Saleh toppled regime must understand its dimensions and that the black box will reveal their black history in the South.