Wed - 16 Jan 2019 - 03:45 AM

written by : Khalid Al-Suliman Writer Archive -

What if the Yemen national army or the coalition forces supporting the legitimate government in Yemen bombed the podium where Houthi leaders were watching a military show? What if this attack killed many Houthi military leaders? This is similar to the strike by the Houthi militia in the capital city of Sanaa many months ago. What would be the reaction of the international powers who remain silent about the Houthi strike in a military show of the legitimate government in Al-Anad military base?

Except for the US State Department’s condemnation of the attack, the international reaction to the incident has amounted to calling for both sides to apply self-control. Calling for self-control is the same as suggesting that a fight is taking place between two equal sides and not between a legitimate government and an outlawed militia.

This lenient stand against the Houthis is raising doubts about the integrity of the special UN envoy, and the countries that support UN efforts, like the UK. This further confirms the suspicions that the legitimate government and the coalition forces have about the efforts to find a solution to the conflict in Yemen. It also underlines the need to move forward with plans to force the Houthi and those who are supporting them to deal realistically with the crisis in Yemen.

The leniency of the UN in dealing with the behavior of the Houthi will not solve the Yemen crisis; it will only prolong the war and increase its cost and in the end the victims will be the Yemeni people.

Published by the daily Saudi Gazette on Tuesday, 15 January 2018