Tue - 08 May 2018 - 04:06 AM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

All those who offend the UAE and coalition forces while they generously offer people all kinds of support, those offenders think that they raise the legitimacy and President Hadi to a higher position.. Those cranky childish persons insulting themselves and harming President Hadi and his legitimacy,, The coalition became a fait accompli, and you have to coexist with it if you care about the stability of Aden and the liberated southern provinces.. It is not in the advantage of the president nor the legitimacy nor the government to keep silent about offending the UAE (along with the KSA) the biggest ally in Operation Decisive Storm.. Hysterical campaign in their media outlets and in the media of parties within the legitimacy .. And through the political and media reckless people they agitate the street against the coalition, they don't say the truth to the people, they don't say that the corruption has exceeded its scope in all joints of the legitimacy, they don't talk about the the army that loots allocations provided by the coalition to fake lists, the corruption that led the government to improvidence, they don't talk about deliberately strangling Aden with the lack of services, granting exclusive monopoly to those who are close to the legitimacy, deliberately hiding all the real information about the fate of the money which was printed and where it has been wasted as people for months without salaries.. The Arab Coalition and specifically, the UAE gave too much to liberate the to liberate the South to its stability after the liberation as well.. I am ashamed of the silence of legitimacy and the government over this frenzied campaign, thinking that it will affect people's relation with the coalition or will agitate them against it.. The legitimacy and the government should rethink things over and return to the straight path, and to admit that they failed to manage the war and failed to be a truthful, serious, clean, and morally political and military honest with the coalition .. its campaign is led by late night Facebookers, but it will not hide the fact that became as clear as the day that the coalition is the supporter of stability and security of the people in the south and the legitimacy and its government hinder all those efforts.. Legitimacy, government, monopolists and tycoons are all a Yemeni merchandise known to the world before the arrival of the the UAE and the coalition to support us ..
Our relationship with the UAE and Saudi Arabia is crucial, even if the bawlers caw.