Mon - 27 Aug 2018 - 02:33 AM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

The people of the North leave their homes to seek asylum in Aden.. Where is that media machine which has been constantly broadcasting lies, saying that the Southerners expel the Northerners from Aden, sorting them according to their identity.. Where did their tongues go as they see the displaced people of Hodeidah and Taiz in Aden and in the nearby areas..

They swallowed their tongues and their lies ended after receiving the price for casting all those hatred and slanders on the Southern Transitional Council, the Security Belt, the security of Aden and the United Arab Emirates, the ally who contributed to building our security services.

The culture of hatred had been practiced by Saleh's regime against southerners, unfortunately it left sick journalists that the hatred took them to the limit of forging facts and buying the conscience of novice journalists to grow up side by side with their slanders.

The Southerners who offended their own brothers in the South are demanded to apologize, first as men, second as professionals and and third as southern patriots.

Shame on you, you have distorted the reputation of the security men in Aden and the South and today, you have kept your mouth shut when the real cleansing and displacement of the northern people started by Northerners; Islah, Yemen's Muslim Brotherhood and the pro-Iran Houti militias.