Wed - 25 Jul 2018 - 07:05 PM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

In all the countries of the world when a security breach occurs, the Minister of the Interior or a spokesman on his behalf, comes out and declares his position, to explain the extent of this breach or the body that is believed to be behind it and what measures will be taken to reduce or eliminate it. So far the Minister of Interior is silent..

Currency deterioration, the head of the Central Bank is silent .. Power outages, the Electricity Minister is silent .. Failure in education and leakage of crucial exams for students, the Minister of Education is silent.. Rising and instability in fuel prices ,the head of the Oil Company is silent.. Death of children in Yemenia Airways and explicit trading of ticket fees for reserving a seat on a flight, and the head of the Yemenia Airways is silent.

The government is busy with how to destroy the Southern Transitional Council, because it is a strong holder of the political future project of the South .. It is now clear that all the money spent to buy consciences aimed at destroying the Southern Transitional Council which means to destroy the will of the people to restore their state with a view to imposing the will of one person with his six designated regions.

The war of services, crises and assassinations was launched by Saleh before and he failed.. You will get exhausted with this patient people, cause they can only be satisfied with the restoration of their state, no matter how many of citizens you kill or torture, they are not with you nor with your project.

You are torturing a nation, so don't bet on their patience and don't bet that with what you have done you will destroy the Council.. Your breach is systematic.. The Transitional Council is made of the people's will, you'll never be able to destroy it or distort it, even if you hire the most dangerous criminals to kill and the cheapest to distort and abuse.