Sat - 21 Jul 2018 - 02:52 AM

written by : Dr. Yassin Saeed Noman Writer Archive -

From the outset, Yemeni diplomacy has worked to stop the war and achieve a political settlement, leading to a comprehensive and lasting peace in the path set by the United Nations which was based on the condemnation of the bloody coup d'état that confiscated the Yemeni state and its institutions, it sets three foundations for negotiation and solution as references; The Gulf initiative, outputs of the national dialogue and the UN resolutions, especially n. 2216.

- All the diligences that tried to look for a solution out of this path, complicated the solution and encouraged the coupists to maneuver and to reject the opportunities for peace.

- There's no point for the putschist in straying from the path and in rejecting peace.

- Some may say that the United Nations is "the hard way", but no one has "the easy way" for the solution, on the contrary, if everybody do not follow the path of the United Nations, we will have many proposals for a solution, as many as the number of nations in the world, maybe as the number of the Yemeni population, then you can imagine the situation.

- The Houthis were a league in a military alliance that overthrew the political consensus and the legitimacy of the State with arms and blood, causing the destruction of Yemen, and rejecting all opportunities for peace.

- Because this league has its own sectarian project, it stalled all the previous negotiations with its ally as a single party. After having strengthened its influence within the framework of its bloody coupist alliance, this militarily or politically partner was no longer needed, from its point of view this partner became a burden on its project so they betrayed him and killed him to be the only leader of their own project in any negotiations for a settlement.

- The Houthi league centered within itself under conditions that can only accepted by old shallow racial mentalities characterized by awkward fanaticism, manifested in their superiority complex over citizenship and the State in order to establish a hierarchical and ecclesiastical system looking at the people as their servants, the sincerity quotient measured by the number of Kisses on the hands or feet of the master or his representative.

- In all peace calls, there are two basic principles that must be followed, to give the sincere efforts the pressure strength to achieve them, the first principle is the commitment to the path of the United Nations, the second one is saying to that league "you have sinned and the best of the sinners are those who repent".

- The United Nations and the world when they called for a settlement, they issued firstly the UN Resolution n.2216, to say to those who overthrew the political process and confiscated the state, that you are wrong and committed a legal, constitutional and moral crime against the country and the people, but the negotiation is open to restore the political consensus based on the recognition of the crime and correcting the mistake by abandoning it.

- The world realizes that the generalizing the responsibility for crimes of such level would encourage its continuation in more than one place and at more than one level.

- The serious beginning lies in condemning the sin, so the sinner knows that the call for a settlement is not a reward for his crime but to correct the bad effects made by his crime and the achievement of peace is a high human value, as high as those who seek to achieve it.

- Peace is a noble and just demand and ain't nothing better than calling for peace and working for it. It must be carried seriously to make it a significant value to reform the conditions of human beings. If the decision of war reflects the power of an aggressive adventure, The peace decision reflects the strength with enough awareness to recognize the mistake of the aggressive adventure.