Tue - 17 Jul 2018 - 01:21 AM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

Who lost the South and brought us to this situation are Southerners.. Who work against Southerners and against their attempt to get out of this situation are also Southerners.

Southerners are emotionalist in politics and brave in armed conflicts.. They made a lot of achievements to restore their land, thanks to their courage and the Coalition support.. (In politics) I hope they leave things the way they are, since the establishment of the Southern Transitional Council a year ago.. We have a very complex file, amid a regional war and different agendas. Emotion, yelling and agitation will only bring more complexity to the South.. Everyone must believe and understand that the Transitional Council works according to the Southerners' will not deviate from that path. It is clear in its stated position, no matter how they tried to distort it or casting doubts over its positions.. The situation we are passing through is regionally and internationally overlapped, it is not a war between North and South.. We wish everyone to be aware of the sensitivity of the stage through which some political parties try to agitate the streets against the Transitional Council with a view to pass their agenda and to turn the project of the Southerners' will in the restoration of their state into returning the south to the north, to subject them to the Six Territories Project in order to reestablish the unity with a new trick.. You said in the past, the Northerners laughed at us.. Today, the deliberate provocation with good intentions or by political intent, leads to a Southern rift to weaken the Southerners' common position in restoring their state.. The Southern Transitional Council leads the way clearly and with high political responsibility, both the region and the United Nations know this truth.

The northern and southern mentality that destroyed the South is the same mentality that agitate the people and sensationalize the information,, This mentality is infested with the lust for power and obsession with wealth and it has a tendency to practice political papacy to keep its interests in the North and South.

The Southern Transitional Council which was founded under a southern delegacy, will only be with the will of the people in the South, without paying attention to the present situation of agitation, sensationalism and casting doubts "innocently or deliberately".