Sat - 14 Jul 2018 - 05:56 PM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

The unity passed away, its death has been confirmed since 2015, nothing left but finding the mechanism and stages of burial in accordance with the situation on the ground and the international covenants, This is what we are trying to do abroad.. Everyone knows it, including UN envoys from Jamal Ben Omar, the man who reviewed the details of our cause in closed sessions of the UN Security Council and perfectly described the destructive practices of the northern regime in the South as "Systematic", reaching to the current UN envoy, Martin Griffiths who confirmed a new reality in the South and that the only way to end Yemen crisis is an acceptable solution to the Southerners.

That is why the war is being deliberately prolonged, the Coalition is being depleted and the Southern Transitional Council, that made up its mind to stand by the Arab Coalition and to be an honest representative of the South, is depicted as traitor.

All the aggression and accusations of some Yemeni parties against the Southern Transitional Council increases its strength. In brief, the Council thoughtfully draws up its plans and its work goes well, otherwise, all the attempts to distort it, would not have been made. Some parties reached villainy in exploiting the need of some activists.

We said and we are still repeating to those who understand between the lines and what is going on around us, the Southern Transitional Council was found to remain for all the people of the South and their umbrella, under which they take a clear and firm path to restore their state.

The political results announced by the National Assembly at its last session is one of the means that did not come from an emptiness, to announce to the world our vision and the future of our own state, even if some discrepancies emerged, the southerners have passed the stage of revolution to the stage of statehood.

The South is our big house and it's big enough for us all.. the Southern Transitional Council is our political umbrella.