Sun - 08 Jul 2018 - 03:47 AM

written by : Dr. Abdul Nasser Al-Wali Writer Archive -

President of the National Assembly, Major General Ahmed Said Ben Brik is working hard to prepare for the first semi-annual session of the National Assembly of the Southern Transitional Council, after the founding meeting.

His Excellency Major General and his colleagues are in the process of arranging the session; documents, reception of guests and ensure the smoothness and safety of their arrival and participation and means to reach positive results in the interest of the southern people.

They are working in different directions with all the parties, keeping in mind that many tasks must be prepared and achieved:

1- Restoring the state which needs to know what kind of state we want, free, fully independent, sovereign and federal state of the South on its internationally recognized border of 1990.

2- The governance will be federal and democratic in a way that guarantees the rights of all and fair participation in wealth and power with real national consensus and constitutional and legal content. The Constitution and the law will be determined by the people.

3- The flag, emblem and anthem of the state will be determined by national consensus in any form chosen by the people and agreed by the majority followed by the people's approval and the constitution.

4- National reconciliation and social justice will be one of the main topics of the discussion.

5- The national dialogue and community participation will be another focus of discussion and they are of the core interests of the leadership and all the members.

6- Fighting extremism and terrorism and rationalizing the political and societal speech and spreading a culture of co-existence, harmony and acceptance of the other will be taken into consideration and will be given its right space of discussion by all the members.

7- Security and stability and all the proposals in the discussion will have priority. The National Assembly will do what it takes to achieve them.

8- The deterioration of services, the collapse of education and the currency are among things that preoccupy everyone, they must have a space of discussion to contribute to the alleviation and improvement.

9- The government illegibility and the corruption of its executive bodies will be encountered in clear and strong messages, all the members of the Assembly knows what is in the hearts of citizens and will contribute to the solution of this dilemma by all available means.

10- Stop the war is a nobel goal, the members of the National Assembly will work with all the parties to stop it under fair and equitable conditions and rules, without rewarding the coupists and warlords in any way.

11- Our relationship with the Coalition, particularly Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates has a long history and deeply rooted history, the members will spare no effort to preserve, strengthen and develop it.

12- All the members of the National Assembly understand the the terrible suffering of our brothers in the north (the Arab Republic of Yemen) because of the intransigence and tyranny exercised by the sectarian, military coupist forces. The National Assembly will concern means to continue supporting them in accordance with the religious and national constants.

13- The security and safety of the international shipping lines that Allah has dedicated to our country is in mind of all the members of the National Assembly and will work with all brothers, friends and allies on its security and safety to guarantee the rights and not to undermine stability of the global economy.

Three days will be full of work in which we will roll the sleeves. We will open our minds and hearts to each other in the Assembly and with all the STC members of outside the Assembly and we will do the same with all our people inside and outside the homeland. We will not hesitate to respond and implement any proposal or advice for the sake of the supreme interest of the homeland without any barriers, conditions and prohibitions. We will listen carefully to the brothers and friends in the region and the world for the interest of our people without harming the interests and rights of others.