Mon - 11 Jun 2018 - 09:23 PM

written by : Lutfi Shatara Writer Archive -

London Municipality suspended the closure of the oldest commercial street in the world known as Oxford Street and suspended banning cars and from the shopping street. The plan aims at turning part of the busy street into a car free zone to make it more 'environmentally friendly' and 'cleaner'.

The suspension of the project came after a referendum conducted by Westminster on this idea that will change the features of the famous street, the people rejected it in toto. For a street London Municipality respected the people's decision and halted the project.. I hope the message reaches the UN envoy to Yemen, British diplomat Martin Griffiths, that respect for people's will is important for the their future.. Mr. Griffiths knows that international laws respect the people's will to self-determination. He also knows that large projects in the UK are only implemented after a popular referendum not forcing them, whatever the justifications are.. We have many evidence of Britain's respect for the will of its citizens, starting from the referendum on Scottish independence, regardless of whether they'd vote Yes or No, the United Kingdom European Union membership referendum that resulted in official EU withdrawal, the process of the progressive disengagement between London and Brussels (the capital of the European Union) will end in March 2019.. The will of people in the south must be treated with the same respect for the will of the British and Scottish people and finally with the same respect for the will of the people in London, even for the future of the oldest commercial street.

The people's will is indivisible; it has the same standards and values formulated in British laws and international covenants as well.